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Thursday, 26 May 2016


Description: me & Abigail did the seed part of seed 2 table! It was kinda a fail because our plants didnt grow but it was fun to try! Next time I do seed 2 table I'm  going try a different plant by the way our plant was chives.


Big idea: me & Abigail were doing chives but we noticed that they didnt grow but it was still fun to plant & water them on a kind of daliy basis!

Feedback & Feedfoward: I think you did really well because you learnt from your mistakes and now you  are slowly moving forward. Next time maybe call your "Fail" just an oppurtunity to try again. 
-Charlotte P

Evaluation: thanks Charlotte I will do that next time I have seed2table😀


For handwriting we try write readible neat & tidy peoms from a website & goday i did i had a little secret now im not a fast writer so i didnt get it done but maybe next time i will!

I think i did ok but next time i want 2 try & get closer to the end

Mixels maths portfolio piece

Description: yesterday & today I've been working on a type of maths called mixels where we are trying to figure out how much we need of each material. I have a photo of what it looks like & it has Fractions! 

Big idea: i needed a little help working out this answer but me & my friend abigail did most ok maybe almost most of the thinking 

Feedback & Feedforward: nice job working out the answer maybe next time you could try do it on your own. Devin.

Evaluation: thanks for the advice Devin i definitely will try that next time!.

In the nether writing

Descrpition: i have started a story about minecraft in the nether & i will be adding 2 it so i hope u enjoy the first part of the story!

I think i could do a little better next time!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

2 little o's & away i go

Description: we did a thing called 2 little o's & away i go its where we had 2 make different things with 2 little o's

Evaluation: i think i did really good at it but next time i wanna be more creative

Monday, 16 May 2016


Description: today we did some maths about fractions like 1/4 1/5 still like that I have some photos of me & Abbys work

Evaluation: I think I did good at first I wanted 2  challenge myself by not using the equipment but i challenged myself a bit 2 much so i had 2 use the equipment.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Maths fractions

2 day in maths I said some fractions on a game called fraction maker & I'm put 2 level 7 now 1 more level 2 go here's a photo:

I think next time I lay that game ill try get 3 stars not just 2 or 2 & a half!

Spelling city

Description: spelling city is a spelling game 2 help improve ur spelling its helping me improve my spelling here's a photo

Evaluation: I think it would be awesome 2 get a score of 1000 on that game on spelling city

Spelling test

Description: we did a spelling test a little while ago. I did ok on the first half I only got 2 words wrong on the second I half I got 3 

First half photo:
Second half photo:

Evaluation: I think I did pretty good & now I know for next time that I need to think a little more.

Feedback/Feedfoward: wow. Ur a very good speller. Maybe in a few weeks u would know those words of by heart. Good luck. Abby

Seed 2 table

Description: today we have seed 2 table its where u get to bake and garden stuff its really cool. Me & Abby for the gardening part are working together and seeing if using different liquids will work not just water. Here's 2 photos of my first day.

So yeah next week were gonna make our garden plans more real like the start of bringing them to life

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Description: 2day I worked on my fractions on a game that went up 2 level 8 some was easy some was hard

I got up2 level 2 but Im gonna work my way up 2 level 8

Evolution: I think if I do more it will get a bit easier.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Sarah Platt buddy art (portfolio piece)

Description: last term in week 2 we started a Sarah Platt buddy art we all got a tiny square of the huge picture after this art I realised that art isn't just drawing & painting & things like that it can be anything something your passionate about but back to the art this art took us from week 2 to the end of the term pretty much but here's the photo of our art:

Photo of me and my buddy's art
The things we used was vivid pastels & pencils

I think me and my buddy worked really well sorta we were ok but I think alia was mucking around a bit but when I said, "here alia, you can do this bit" she did it really good at her art and serious too.

Feedback&Feedfoward: cool work maybe next time u could do more of it instaid of ur bud. Abby

Evaluation: thanks for the tip ok I'll try that next time. I enjoyed doing some art with my buddy she is a really good artist. What I found hard was getting the colors right in the end we created an awesome Peice of art

Monday, 2 May 2016


Description: today we were learning about fractions I took a picture of what we did it was a challenge a bit for me but I like challenges


Evaluation: I think I did good but next time I want to participate more and give it as much as I can because I want to be deep in the learning pit because i like to challenge myself and give it at least a couple of goes before trying something new

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