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Thursday, 31 March 2016

So spooked!

Description: My friends and I chose this piece of writing because it was entertaining for all of us and I think who ever reads this would love it and want more of it! Hope you enjoy!

So spooked!

So spooked!

So spooked!

Dear diary 
We just arrived at camp and our cabin is fab. "EMMA," said Abby. 
"Coming Abby." See ya later diary this is gonna be an experience I'll never forget. "This will be an experience she'll never forget but not in a good way the ca-there coming good luck cabin 2 your gonna need it," said the cabin trasher. "OMG my legs hurt so much after discover EL Rancho HONK HONK," said Emma.

So I know this is short but bye-diary. "I'm so nervous for horse riding I've never done it before Naomi," said Emma  "Emma it's fine the horse won't hurt you," said Naomi. "AAAAHH I'm up now hey this horse looks friendly," said Emma. “That's mini,” said the horse instructor. While everyone in cabin 2 were out the cabin thrasher or you might know him as ca was summoning a plan "I have now made my plan muahahaha," said the cabin trasher. "Wow Naomi that wasn't so scary after all it was really fun ," said Emma. HONK HONK.

"Well we better get back now bye mini," said Emma. “Naaah," said mini. "We are now ready for bed I didn't have time to write so good night everyone," said Emma.“goodnight," said everyone in cabin 2. good night diary. 
"What the even happened here we were only gone for-," said Emma "Spoiler alert Emma," said Abby ."But fine I'll start from earlier then ok diary and readers it all started maybe 15 to 20 minutes ago.

"We were all in the quiet room for camp Hui but after that we went back to our cabins and the one I'm in is perfectly tidy but oviously I'm last there as always but when I got there."Emma hurry up and get to the good part," said Abby. "Abby that's what I'm doing anyways back to the story where was I oh yes but when I got there everyone in my cabin was blocking the door. “Um guys we need to tidy up our cabin and get ready for the bom Fire smor-what happened here! OMG," said Emma 

“There's Maya's tooth paste on the floor. What has happened here?!?,” said Emma. “There's missing things clothes in Caitlin's suitecase that belongs,to maya well I don't know what's going on here but someone's been in while we've been out," said Emma. “Ok so we're ready to go to sleep nighttt everybody," said Emma. “night said everyone . “Good morning everyone” “uuuhhhhhhhhh guys why does it say kyla and Kayla?! Said Emma.” Everyone stared at where it said Kyla and Kayla who did it could it be Kayla?.
"Activities activities and you guessed it activities then dinner hour later like bed but…

Before we go to bed we ssoree another message what I like to call msg but it's rubbed out spoookaaaeeee!!! Said Emma". “EMMA!” “What?”said Emma. “You really have to write now” “sorry” night guys.” Said Emma. As soon as I fall asleep I hear HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU"." (whispers) thank you." Said Emma.
Reane Abby go to bed now! Said maya “Fine” “okydoky” night everyone.

Morning diary we need to tidy fast “EMMA HELP NOW”said everyone apart from me and Abby. But Abby's doing it two “ABBY EMMA TIDY NOW! Said everyone apart from me and Abby. "Meep ok anyway it's almost time to go". Said Emma. “EMMA ABBY START NOW” said everyone apart from me and Abby.
“BOOOOOOOOOOOO” said the cabin trasher. "aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh?!??!?!" Said everyone in cabin 2.
The End or is it.
A real story written by Emma Ormsby.

Feedback/Feedforward: WOW Emma! That's one spookie story! I liked it so much I thought you could write a series and make half of it fake! Really you should do that! From Abby Y

Evaluation: Thanks for the Feedfoward I'll do that next time. I wonder if my story was too scary? Maybe next time I could make my story's creapyer or less creepy. 

Monday, 14 March 2016

2016 RSS EL Rancho camp

Last Tuesday we were at camp till Friday. When we got to camp the girls went to check out their Cabins and the boys did discover EL Rancho then we did a swap around. It was lunch next then we got to do slip n slide and swimming pool. Then we had afternoon tea then we started our activities my first activitie was rifles and my second activitie was horse riding and we have ten activities including the two I just said we also had duties mine were cleaning the toilets setting up afternoon tea and setting up dinner.


Feedback:I loved how you think you got more fit you do look much fitter.Devin

Feedfoward: Maybe next you could explain what you did on the exercise machine things.Devin

Monday, 7 March 2016

Etrio family tree

In etrio we have been doing our family tree the one that's tiny is mine and the one that's huge and filled with information is my mums. Some of us like me had to ask our pearents for help but I could only ask my mum so she only told me her side of the family.


My mums

Feedback/feedfoward: Lovely work emmzie! Lovely coulou too. From Abigail next time Ask your 
Mum for more info for your tree. From. Abby Y

Evaluation: what I found easy was writing the names of family I already know what I found hard was 
Finding out my dads side of the family and I will do that and I'll ask my dad to thanks Abby 

Friday, 4 March 2016

My one word 2016

Description: At the start of the year all the teachers in Poutama told us about the one word so we had a challenge to see if we had a word that we can work on through out the year and we do - everyone does. Mine is learning because I want to learn how to sew, sing and dance really well. It's fun and good to come up with a one word for the year. now the even more fun part is that we got to make a sign with our one word on it. I made it by getting a picture of me then getting some thick paper and I wrote my one word on it. For my L I did a pencil for my E I did a sewing machine for my a I did a upside down heart for my r I did a candy cane for my n I did a apartment building with a koru my I is a microphone and my g is puffy.
Here it is!

Feedback/feedfoward: I like the way you displayed the word it is relly cool . Next time maybe try make it straight .Naomi. Thanks for the tip I will try that next time

Evaluation: I found the letter design easy but the background so big that it was really hard I learnt not to do it so big because it will take forever next time I think I will take Naomi and my words and use both ideas in my next one word.

2016 camp goals

Description: For camp we want to complete these goals because these goals are based on our one word. 1 of my camp goals is active and the other is personal I want to complete these goals by the end of camp.