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Monday, 29 February 2016


 Description: we Learnt about what types of listening there is. There's active listening me to listening and busy listening here is how me Abby and Cohen shared our learning hope you like it.
Active listening is when one person comes over and says hi and the person there talking to puts down what there doing and listen to what the other person is saying.
Me too listening is where someone is telling a person about something and the other person is just doing something and answering everything with me too.
Busy listening is where someone starts to talk about something and the other person gets way off topic.

Feedback: I think your movie is really cool. I like how you are doing all three and
I also like how your using different stuff Maria 

Feedfarwd: I think next time you could be a bit louder thougth Maria

I  like working in groups but Cohen was a bit silly at times and that was hard to deal with because he kept making noise just when we were about to record. I think I am a good active listener because whenever someone is talking I put my stuff down and look at the person.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Waitangi treaty

Description: we were learning about the treaty of Waitangi and i decided to make a movie with Abigail and devin. We made it about if they did sign the treaty and if they didn't hope you enjoy the movie.

Big idea:
I made a movie with Abby and devin together we made a great movie it is all about if we did have the treaty and if we didn't one thing I did learn was there was a signing house and you might have seen a pic of it that Abby built I think that I'm multi on the ru brick because we didn't want to do so little work and we wanted to do lots but not so much that we couldn't finish it with the time we had to do it.

Feedback/feedfoward: our movie was great! But I think when devin fell we could be a bit quicker and grab the iPad In staid of it there for 15sec it should be about 5sec so people that's watching don't get board. Abigail 🐶

What I found easy was making the treaty. What I found tricky was making the movie. I learnt that they sailed all the way to New Zealand. Next time I want to dig my self even further in to the learning pit by working with different people.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Maths post:15 cards

This week we have been learning to plus different aqusions together like this 8+7=15 7+13=21

I think that I could have done better but I still think I did good
I am proud of me trying my best and giving it all I had
It was challenging when it got to the third salution

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Waitangi day

This is some of my questions about whaitangie day and how it was made.

Why did they only make the holiday for New Zealanders 
Waitangi Day was proposed as a public holiday by the New Zealand Labour Party ... bill to make Waitangi Day  a national holiday, to be called New Zealand  Day. ... Did not like the name "New zealand  Day" and many Māori felt the new name ...

When was the deadline for the treaty 
 Sale by Private Treaty is the name for the usual sales and purchase negotiation process (not to be confused with Sale by Owner or Private Sale). There is no end date on the marketing campaign, offers can be made at any time and the normal Sale & Purchase Agreement documentation is used. There may or may not be an advertised price indication. 

Why did the moari sign the treaty
The following day, 6 February 1840, with little further debate, more than 40 chiefs agreed to sign the treaty. The French Catholic Bishop Jean Baptiste Francois Pompallier requested that all religious beliefs should be allowed in the new colony, and Hobson agreed to this. In the following days, meetings at Waimate North and Hokianga added further signatures and marks of agreement to the treaty. This agreement was not unanimous, and some chiefs expressed strong reservations about signing.

What is Waitangi Day
Whaitangi day is a public holiday for New Zealanders held on 6th February every year to commemorate
The signing of the treaty of Waitangi the country's founding document in 1840

What is the Treaty of Waitangi?

The Treaty of Waitangi is an agreement made in 1840 between representatives of the British Crown and more than 500 Māori chiefs. It resulted in the declaration of British sovereignty over New Zealand by Lieutenant Governor William Hobson in May 1840. Most chiefs signed a Māori-language version of the treaty. The English- and Māori-language versions held different meanings, and Māori and Europeans therefore had different expectations of the treaty’s terms. Ever since, resolution of these differences has presented New Zealand with challenges.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

My one word

WALT: Have one word to complete by the end of 2016

One word for 2016

Your word needs to:
relate to all areas of your life e.g. school/home/sports/academic/social etc
be something that will challenge you this year
be positive
be something that you can action daily
be an attitude / a way of thinking

My one word is learning. I chose learning because it can mean learning anything. I want to learn how to
Sew,sing and dance. How my word is going to help me is I want join the school band. My mum is buying me a sewing machine so it would be good to learn how to use a sewing machine and finally I do dancing so it would be good for all those things