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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Calendar Art

Over the term we have been working on this art for our Calendar with Suzanne. We used Eric Carl as our inspiration, for this art we texturised some pieces of paper with paint. I have used almost all of my pieces of paper. This is my finished product.

FeedBack/FeedFoward: I think that you're art looks amazing! maybe next time you could try to fill in the gaps to make it look even more stunning!-Devin 

Evaluation: Thank you Devin I will do that next time. What I think was easiest was making the pattern. What I found hard was making sure all of the circle

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  1. This is a very complex piece of art that required a whole lot of patience and persistence to achieve panekiretanga! (excellence). You must be really pleased with your final result Emma. Well done.