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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Athletics journal

         Athletics day

We're nearly there ok ok I'm ready for what is coming ahead of me. We just arrived our first activity there was long jump OH NO it's my turn next!!! I only had a couple minutes to write in this book. Ok it's my turn come on feet don't fail me now. I get in starting position I run so fast it feels like I'm flying then I jumped like it was life or death and I'm gonna I'm gonna make a FAIL.
Our next session is running unfortunately I'm a terrible runner. Well this is my lucky day isn't it  not. Ok it's the girls turn first this is going to be hard but I'll try anyways ok 3 2 1 we started I'm obviously at the front cause I'm so good not I'm at the back my year 3 friend came fourth and I'm coming last out of all the year 4 girls well someone's gotta do it I guess.
We are now back in our house groups mine is kereru we are sitting in our house coluors because it is brunch my mum packed me such a delicious lunch I couldn't wait to eat the marshmallows

  2 the girl who doesn't want
          A  Marshmallow!

When I saw what was in my friends lunch I strate away offered her a marshmallow but she didn't want one I went crazy like MAD I yelled like I hadn't before I was like how could you not want a marshmallow A MARSHMALLOW ARE YOU SERIOUS DO YOU HATE MARSHMALLOWS WHAT DID THEY EVER DO TO YOU HMPH DON’T TAKE THE MARSHMALLOW THEN. My other friend Ashling freaked out she was like a statue mouth open face froze hands still as stone then she finally spoke

               3.Why why why
Our next activity is high jump the dreadful dreadful high jump
NOOOOOOOOOO. Luckily I made the first jump and I was at the back. Oh no not again I got so desrtacted that it's my turn next this will have to be the best banana shaped run of my life. I run I jump and I believe I can fail yes that's right FAIL. One of my favorite athletics session is
Herdels and we're doing it yay. But once we started I didn't get in the finals at all. One of my friends got in the finals

       Discic mix up!

Oh sorry I had to cut that chapter short I was busy watching the finals then we had the Discic mix up but now we have shot put now. As always I'm at the back the first person gets in starting position and they throw next person throws next next next Oh your probably getting bored I'll see you after my turn. Ok it's after my turn so our next ones the discic I say I wasn't the best but I can practice. Now we're doing javelin aaaaand I did terrible for the practice round but on the real round I still did terrible. Oh sorry i forgot I was supposed to write
Um so now we're on the bus heading back to school and we did our reflection when someone suggested we do some writing about athletics witch brings up to now.