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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

I nearly drowned

                                                   By Emma Ormsby         
                        Me, my mum and my nanny were heading 
To the pool. Once we got there we saw the height it was 5.3 it would be to deep I 
Hopped in anyway. 

As soon as I hopped in I grabbed the edge my hand slipped I couldn't swim it was way too deep and I couldn't dare to breathe I'm gonna drown why did I do this?

I tried I really did. It took me 4 minutes just to get half way. It was quite easy to see my arms flip flapping CRAZY LIKE MAD I was nearly

There  I wouldn't dare to look back now. I heard the splash splashing of my legs as if I was getting chased by a shark.

Come on I said to myself I can do this.  I still have fear swirling round my mind. I breathed through my nose I kept on going as I got closer I started to sink deeper and deeper.
OH NO I said this is gonna be it for me.

Please don't drown please don't drown i said to myself. As I huffed and puffed I saw the wall I was gonna make it I wasn't going to drown.

I was about one or two minutes away if I could swim for four minutes then I could swim for two. My hand was an inch away from the wall. 5 second away 3 seconds away 2 1 I made it yay BUT i never want to EVER swim

This is my fear writing. We had to write about a time when we felt fear  I would give my self a 7 out of 10 because I think my story is okay but I'm not the best at this kind of writing.