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Friday, 22 May 2015

spelling test

Assembly sample

“6smallbubbles’ Assembly”

Purpose: To reflect on our assembly organisation and evaluate your contribution and participation.

WALT: Entertain and Inform (Assembly)


  • Choose a learning area you would like to share

  • Prepare a script to inform your audience with details about “what we have been learning”

  • Prepare an item to showcase our learning

  • Create a slide that compliments your script and performance.


  • I planned effectively

  • I knew when it was my turn

  • I managed my time effectively

  • I stayed focused and on-task

Striving for excellence

  • I worked hard and gave it my best

  • I showed perseverance

  • I thought about my audience and mad

    e my performance as int

    eresting as possible for them.

Participating & Contributing

  • I worked well as a team member

  • I showed respect to my team

  • I contributed to the slides


  • I knew my goal and what to do to get there

  • I helped and encouraged others

  • I was a great role model for others

What was your highlight and why? dancing in the rain because its funny and hard

What challenged you the most and why? dancing in the rain because you had to do hard dance moves

Which value or Key Competency did you find the easiest?  Why? trying as hard as i could because my group wanted to make it fun

  • striving for excellences

Which value or Key Competency you did find the hardest?  Why? my friends were being silly because they were doing the  rong thing with the ukelele so it was really hard to calm them down when they were struming

  • leadership & initiative 

Monday, 11 May 2015

animal experinse

you might be wondering why this post is called animal experinse it is beause nic stole my lunchbox 
but i know why because they wanted us to experinse how some animals have to live all the time 
now i know what some creatures feel like.
and it wasnt just me who had no lunchbox it was other people to.
why did they have to do that to us i didnt know that they stole my lunchbox until charlotte my friend
told me.im glad that charlotte told me because if she didnt my mum would be FURIOUS! with me.

learning for maths

this is twenty nine its a maths game for kids you try to create twenty nine if you do you win
if you go over then you lose